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5 Strong Theories of One Piece and Ending Theory Explained

theories of one piece

We will go through a detailed case study of the best theories of One Piece ever stated, this could be a spoiler to many if you have not caught up to the manga or Wano arc in the anime. Go through this mind blending theories of one piece which is stated below along with the spoiler ending leaked (theory).

Theory of Shanks Stops the War  

Theory 1: It is true that Shanks stopped Kaido from coming to paramount war, but what made Kaido ( The King of the Beasts ) listen to Shanks?

We all know that Kaido, Big–Mom, Whitebeard, and Lion Shiki are the subordinates of one of the strongest pirates – Rocks. D. Xebec, The theory states that Shanks met Kaido before the paramount war and threaten him not to adulterate the war. If he does so, neither his ex-captain nor his dad would be happy. The Red Hair Shanks son of Rocks. D.Xebec? Is that why he is the most frightened/respected pirate?

Theory 2: In One Piece pre-time skip, Shanks lost his hand while saving Luffy drowning from water. By that time Shanks had mastered all three Haki’s. He easily could have used his Armament Haki to protect his arm. But did he just do that knowingly to gain the trust of Luffy or the trust of Gomu Gomu – No–Mi?

Theory of All Blue

We all know that finding All Blue was a dream for Sanji, hence he joined Straw Hats so that he gets the room to make it. It is also said that Sanji gains a power superior to his Diable – Jambe. The theory here is All Blue is found under the Red – Line right below where the Mariejois resides. Sanji breaks the entire block of Red – Line along with Mariejois to find the All Blue.

Theory of Teach and Law

As we all know in the current manga chapter, Law is against Blackbeard, as the fight continues it is assumed that Teach takes off Law, but Bepo will pledge between trying to save his captain, and in exchange, he promises Blackbeard that he will take him to Zou so he can get another copy of Road Poneglyph. This way Bepo will save his captain as Law did when he purposefully got caught by Hawkins to save him in Wano country arc.

Theory of Luffy’s death?

Based on Oda’s foreshadowing style, fans believe that Luffy accomplishing his dream of becoming Pirate King will eventually die, this is assumed since the Marineford war that death is approaching Luffy sooner or later due to side effects causing the shift of his gear modes. We also were able to see his Haki exhaust during the usage of his Gear 4. It is said that his body releases certain thermal energy and due to his rubber nature, there is no sufficient cooling system to manifest all the raw power he possesses. Hence his body will experience life-threatening wear and tear. It is also theorized that Law will sacrifice and perform an immortality surgery to bring back Luffy.

Theory of Gomu Gomu and Ope Ope

Gomu Gomu and Ope Ope no mi is from the void century Joyboy was the first user of Gomu Gomu and Ime – sama was the first user of Ope Ope. It is theorized as the major twist, being Imu – sama is that he is actually Rocks. D. Xebec but he faked his death at God Valley so he can rule the world from the shadows under his new persona. His goal is to annihilate the D clan so he can become the strongest D. He is using the World Government and Celestial Dragons to execute his new world order. So the end game of the final war will be the two D’s fighting against each other. Luffy vs Imu – Sama.  This may also give us proof of the point above mentioned Theory of Shanks.

One Piece Ending Leaked? ( Best Theory )

theories of one piece

According to Gohdroger an acquaintance of Eiichiro Oda recently claimed that this would be the probable ending of One Piece – Gohdroger says that – Luffy is with Joy Boy who is named as Dyrus at one side and Shanks with Imu – Sama on the other side, for an unknown reason Luffy asks Dyrus to forgive him. We exactly don’t know why Luffy seeks forgiveness, one the other side Imu – Sama is behind Shanks for the Straw Hat, it holds an important key he says. Later, Luffy goes to the past which is 900 years ago using three different Devil Fruits, one would be Bonney’s devil fruit and another one would be Franky’s Devil Fruit.

It is also said that Franky will get a Devil Fruit from Kuma who would play an important role as he dies. When he reaches 900 years past he meets two guys the first one named as Crown Prince Imu and the second one is called Dyrus ( Joy Boy ) – people acknowledged Dyrus by the name of Monkey which will reveal Monkey’s mystery, When Imu gets to know that Dyrus is the chosen one to become the king, he collaborates with twenty other nations to fight him, here is when “The Origin of Devil Fruits” is revealed – with 4 original fruit Sun God, Air God, Earth God, and Rain God. Dragon already possesses Rain God Devil Fruit and later we also get to know that Blackbeard has three hearts and hence holds three Devil Fruits and Earth God is one among them as well as he is an ally of Imu – Sama.

After that, we will be able to see the tragic past of Akainu, meanwhile, there would also be an all-out war between Red-haired Pirates and  Blackbeard Pirates. And the final showdown would be between Luffy vs Imu in a different world, where we would also get to see God Enel’s entry and Luffy will meet Monkey. D. Dragon and the other Strawhats will reach Rockstar island and witness Imu – sama.

Conclusion: This could be the best possible theory and so practical that is ever made. We surely don’t know whether this could be the ending. But it really sounds strong tho. Oda also stated that if the theories of one piece are guessed by the fans then he would change but the ending will be the same. Drop down your best theory and definitely make sure to leave your thoughts.


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